How to Use Bollinger Bands Crypto Edition

Bollinger Bands are a cornerstone technical trading tool used by vast numbers of traders every day to identify developing trends and opportunities in the cryptocurrency market. By studying Bollinger Bands cryptocurrency trading formations, you can help determine whether a digital asset is overbought or oversold, and make your trading decisions accordingly. A trader’s strategy and plan usually inform their unique style. Some traders alter the default setting to accommodate their strategies and trading styles. For example, the middle band simple moving average is a 20-day simple moving average, which provides information based on the last 20 candlesticks.

Believe it or not, John Bollinger is an active crypto trader and often speculates on Bitcoin publicly via his Twitter account. He will tell traders when it is “time to pay attention” or if a “head fake” is forming. Occasionally, he calls attention to specific Bollinger Band patterns and trading setups. Price reaching the top band signals that prices are high relative to historical price action. In contrast, price reaching the lower band signals that prices are low relative to historical price action.

Crypto bollinger bands

In the example below, we are looking at daily candles on Bitcoin in Tether value (BTC-USDT) on the cryptocurrency exchange Binance. To illustrate how to craft a Bollinger Band strategy we will use Bitcoin as an example, but the reality is what you learn can apply to any market with enough volatility. Bollinger Bands are one of the most popular indicators, so it’s worth learning exactly how they work. A Bitcoin ETF, or exchange-traded fund, is a type of investment fund that tracks the price of Bitcoin and a… An asset swap is a financial transaction where an asset is swapped with another for various purposes. In this article, we will break down what is Awesome Oscillator, figure out how it works, and try to understand strategies, including the AO indicator in acti…

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Many traders will increase or decrease the deviations if the number of periods being charted is longer or shorter. The default settings are set at a 20-period moving average, and the default standard deviation is set at 2. Crypto traders can lower these settings to 15 and 1.5 for a lower timeframe or increase to 25 and 2.5 for longer timeframes.

Crypto bollinger bands

For more information about how Bollinger Bands can be deployed in advanced automated crypto trading, please visit this resource. By studying basic formations such as Double Bottoms and classic M Tops, traders can help time their entries and exits with greater precision. Our videos will help you understand how HaasOnline’s products can help you get more out of crypto trading. Step 3 – Place a stop loss order above the wick of the local swing high and above the upper band of the Bollinger Bands. Where you place your stop-loss should also be defined by your risk management strategy and position sizing. W-bottoms are bottom-like patterns with a pullback in the middle that forms a W-shape.

Use the Bollinger Band to identify overbought or oversold conditions

Higher/longer SMA will give fewer signals, but they will be stronger. One line that indicates a Simple Moving Average usually based on the last 20 periods. Simple Moving Average is calculated by adding the closing price of the last 20 candles and dividing the result by 20. Traders designate the upper and lower bands as price targets when drawing the bands. Ethereum below gives us a good look at how BBs function in real time. Under this scenario, the ETH/USD is in the midst of an extended bullish trend.

Crypto bollinger bands

Before trading the Bollinger bounce you have to identify the current market conditions. In the first case, this strategy will work like a charm, but in the second one, be prepared to lose a lot of money. For this reason, we will give you more insight into how the Bollinger Bands Indicator works, how to use it, and some of its limitations. Hi traders, the market is bearish but we might have a tinny uptrend. First it all, the prices should break up the pivot point and then go until R1-R2, 1-hour frame.

The bands are a component of a volatility indicator that determines how high and low a token’s price was in relation to earlier trades. The standard deviation, crypto bollinger bands which alters as volatility increases or decreases, measures volatility. The bands enlarge and contract in response to changes in price, respectively.

What Does The Bollinger Band Bounce Indicate? Using The Upper Or Lower Band For Breakout Trading

Crypto traders can use Bollinger bands to predict if the price of a coin will continue in an upward or downward trend. For instance, when the price continuously hits the upper band, it indicates a strong uptrend. In addition, if the price reverses and doesn’t break below the middle band before returning to the upper band, the uptrend is strong. However, if it breaks below the uptrend and moves to the lower band, it is a sign that the uptrend is weakening, and the crypto price may start to reverse.

Your Buy and Sell Orders in Good Crypto can be programmed with a Stop Loss and a Take Profit, which are placed at the same time as the original Buy or Sell Order is placed. As mentioned earlier, you can place your Take Profit on or around the SMA line . With that in mind, let’s imagine how one could potentially interpret the data provided by the Bollinger Bands indicator.

They plot the highest high price and lowest low price of a security over a given time period. The Bollinger Bands work well across any timeframe, but according to the tool’s creator and experience with the tool, the tool is most effective across the highest timeframes. In the majority of examples throughout the guide, weekly or monthly timeframes were used. Higher time frames are typically more indicative of the primary trend and therefore provide the most reliable signals regarding reversals and major market turning points.

One of the main limitations is that it shouldn’t be used as a standalone tool. In fact, Bollinger Bands® should be used with other non-correlated indicators. Doing so may give you additional market signals that are much more direct. Another drawback is that they are calculated using a simple moving average. That’s because older price data is weighted in the same way as recent data.

The Bollinger Bands are available as part of the free technical analysis tools provided by Margex. In addition to the Bollinger Bands, Bollinger Band Width, and %B, there are plenty of other trading indicators to experiment with. The simplest Bollinger Bands trading strategy involves , the simple moving average that acts as the middle line the upper and lower bands are based on.

  • However, the Bands provide traders with useful information on volatility that is overlaid onto the price chart .
  • Conversely, if the price moves toward the lower band, the market may be oversold, which may signal that it’s time to buy.
  • Even major price trends with high volatility can occur entirely within the upper and lower bands of the indicator.
  • It’s important to implement BBs as part of a comprehensive trading plan, not on a standalone basis.

Because the distance of the bands from the moving average are based on standard deviation, they narrow or expand based on price moves and can be used to measure volatility. It can also be used to trade breakouts or as part of a mean reversion strategy. A bollinger band is calculated by getting the standard deviation for a particular period. For example if there is a bollinger band 20 it will have taken the previous 20 trading periods and calculated their standard deviation based on the 20 day SMA. If the price moves outside of these bounds then an exceptional price move is going on. Bollinger bands are often used in conjunction with other technical analysis indicators.

The most popular trading strategy with Bollinger Bands is called riding the bands. This involves exiting a position whenever a cryptocurrency’s price action breaks the upper Bollinger Band. Bollinger Bands are calculated using only two real points of data – a Simple Moving Average, and standard deviations based on this. Therefore, there are only two settings that need to be adjusted; the SMA duration and standard deviations. Higher SMA and standard deviation are better for longer-term traders, and the inverse is better for day traders. When the upper and lower bands are close together, this is an instance of a squeeze and signals a period of low volatility.

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XRP price climbed by more than 1,000% to its all-time high set in January 2018. Bollinger bands are named after John Bollinger, an American asset manager, and technical analyst. He became an independent trader in 1980 and then joined the Financial News Network that was then acquired by NBC. He provided commentary to CNBC and founded his investment firm, Bollinger Capital Management. This strategy worked really well in a bear market, but in a bull market, you are likely going to want to make adjustments.

The price is trending above the SMA and keeps pushing up the upper band. You can access the indicator’s settings right from the Bollinger Band chart by double-clicking it. Remember, Bollinger Bands based on a lower/shorter SMA period will give more signals, but the signals will be less reliable. The Simple Moving Average is usually set at 20, this means that the closing price of the last 20 periods is used to calculate the average and the Standard Deviations. To conclude, the more volatile the SMA, the wider the bands.

If the price retraces to the middle and then moves back to the lower band, you can say the trend is still strong. However, when it breaks above the middle line and moves to the upper band, the trend may become weak, and a reversal may be imminent. A tool developed by Bollinger to help in the recognition of systemic pattern recognition in prices.

This is a positive number that considers how many standard deviations above the sma/mean the top band will be. Above we discussed we are working with a SMA and two SMAs augmented by standard deviations to get the core of our bands. Bollinger Bands are very useful to indicate if a market is volatile or not. Usually, when a market is in a range for a long time, it will contract, or squeeze, which is shown in the width of the Bollinger Bands. When the market is in a squeeze, the chance of a strong volatile move is much bigger.

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